Upcoming Orion Event In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The Being In-Joy Tour Continues

Channeling and Discussion with ORION – a Higher Consciousness  

Receive joyful inspiration, insightful information, and loving support from a collective consciousness called Orion (who is similar to Abraham/Seth), channeled through Leslie Stewart. Orion reminds us that we are more than our physical selves and that we are connected to greater parts of our multidimensional selves that have the potential to create worlds.  Come learn practical ways to align with your true nature!

Saturday, March 1st 1-3 PM
(Limited to 25 guests)

Please Join Ken Routson and Leslie Stewart at
The Jamar Enlightenment Center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Discount rate $20 if prepaid by Feb 28th  Or $25 at
(Limited to 25 guests)

See events page for registration and more information

This event is over.  See latest posts for new events.


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