Orion On A Safe And Abundant Universe

As many of you are looking out your windows today at the beauty of the snow, you are reminded of abundance. As you look at the natural world, it is abundant with trees, flowers, and creatures. The abundance of this reality is everywhere. Be grateful for the abundance in life, in your life. Be grateful for being alive, for being as you are. Abundance is not only about wealth. It is everything that exists in the universe.

Become aware of how you keep your personal prosperity from yourself. Listen to your words, expressions, and responses. Listen to others in day-to-day conversations. Be aware of the flow of currency in exchange for goods and services. Listening to others can sometimes make the connection between what one believes and speaks and what one receives clearer to you. As you listen and observe, you will begin to see how some individuals create more prosperity than others do.

Examine your own beliefs. What are your thoughts, words, and fears about prosperity and abundance? We merely want you to be aware. Be aware of how you speak your words. Observe how you converse in a store, how you speak with your loved ones, or with co-workers. It will become quite clear to you what your own prosperity and abundance consciousness is.

Enjoy your journey and exploration as we bid you a good day.


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