Connection and Kind Words

The Orion Channel Leslie Stewart

I recently connected with a gifted spiritual fiction writer named Jinna Dodds, who wound up having a channeled session with Orion. Afterwards, I found that she posted a beautiful endorsement of her experience on her website’s September newsletter, which I’d like to share.

It’s always lovely to receive confirmation that what we be and do has touched another in a meaningful way.

Jinna wrote:

A couple of weeks ago, I was e-mailing a friend and wound up trying to type the word “ENJOY.” Accidentally, (or so I thought) I typed it “INJOY.”

Having a love for playing with new words,I decided I much preferred the spelling of the word that way, because it better conveys what the word really means.

In the mood to let my intuition point me in new directions, that eventually 
lead me to Leslie Stewart and her book, TRUST AND ALLOW THE PROCESS OF LIFE, IN – JOY!

Feeling very aligned with the energy of the positive material in the book, I explored her web site and listened to some of the MP3’s on her Home Page.

Since my days with my [spiritual] teacher, Dee, I hadn’t had more than a couple of channeled readings from anyone, and those had been many years ago.

The “energy” of joy called to me from this source, and so I contacted Leslie and Ken for a 1 hour session. It was like meeting old friends once again. Gentle, cheerful, loving information was shared, during the session, and it was 100% accurate.

In a time when so much focus is on stress, and often negative news, this was such a breath of fresh air to experience.

So for my September message, I am passing on the link to the location of this beautiful energy to you and wishing you more living of life, IN – JOY!

Harmony in the HIGHEST,
Jinna Dodds

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