A Dream Weaver Message For Kenneth

Dearest Kenneth,

You are a masterful dream weaver. This has been and still is your passion for this lifetime.

Do no fear the unknown, for the unknown is known in other realities as well as this reality. You are a magnificent being that has been living the life of love, joy, and creating dreams for others so that they can create their own dreams. You, my dear, are the one that is leaving you out the dream weaving.  That is why we continue to make house calls in your dreamscape ,so that you won’t second guess yourself, or say to yourself that you can’t do it, or that it is too late. You, dear one, know one thing for sure, that it is never too late to dream, create, believe, restore, regenerate, and renew your life’s endeavors, and dreams. 

You have always been the one to tap on the shoulders of others and show them how they too can create from their own inner wisdom. We say to you , dear one, it is we that are taping on your shoulder and saying to you to reach out to, not only us, but to your own inner wisdom and guidance. Weave the dreams. We see them from where we are and they are so clear to us and to you that the inspiration and knowledge and the will to create is still in you

Believe. Achieve. Live. Love. Be. Inspire others to dream the dream with you. You have many on board with the same dream. You merely put it out and continue to believe in it and you and others are willingly on board with you.

This dream that has been a fervent desire for many years can still come to fruition, dear one. You must forget about what you believe to be limitations and reach and find the limitless energy within you. You know that in life there really are no limitations, that the limitations are brought on by limiting beliefs. We know that you are the one that has the ability to thrive and create. Be the person that you have always been and will continue to be, and allow us to flow through you, as you, and be you.

Dream the dreams, weave the dreams, create your dreams, you are a limitless creator. We continue to nudge as we always do and will always be with you. Whether you choose to listen or not is always your choice.

We are the teachers of your inner most desires…

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