About Orion

Orion is a non-physical collective consciousness that speaks through Leslie Stewart. Instead of focusing on predictions, Orion instructs us on how we can create the life of our choice. Although Orion can pro-vide us with future possibilities, they will give us insight on how our current beliefs and feelings have attracted past events.

hummingbirdAnd more importantly, Orion will provide us with tools and inspiration that will enable clients to transform their consciousness. By assisting us in understanding the laws of attraction, they will help us to enhance our vibration – allowing us to attract more favorable events and experiences into our lives. Their tutelage can help to enhance our awareness and growth, and can help us reclaim our authentic power as well as more fully understand the multidimensional beings that we are.

In addition to empowering us, they inspire and enlighten us, reminding us that we are eternally connected to God, and that prosperity, abundance, health and joy is our rightful inheritance. It is Orion’s intent to assist us in reclaiming our power and over-coming the victimhood and powerlessness that much of society has inflicted upon us. Orion is similar to the collective conscious­ness known as Seth and Abraham.

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