What In The World Is Happening?

It appears as if everywhere you look all you hear about is the coronavirus and how to “combat” it. The words alone already give you a clue into how the world as a whole wants to proceed with trying to make the virus disappear. We believe that if something is apparently out of whack, it would make more sense to put it back into perspective. Instead of drawing more attention to something you don’t want, you could put less attention on it. People are always trying to put out fires after they have already become too big. Concentrating more on things that make you feel good, such as sporting events and schools and churches and all things where people gather to socialize and to have fun and to have comradery and to get those love hormones flowing, makes more sense than surrounding yourselves with fear? You are seeing fear everywhere you go? Store shelves are being emptied of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, cleaning supplies. Instead of focusing on that, think of things that really make you happy and less fearful. Running to the store in fear of not getting the things you believe you need to protect yourself is not something that makes you feel good.

You all know that everyday all day you are walking around in life with people who could possibly have measles, mumps, colds, flu, chicken pox and on and on, but are you thinking, Oh, that person in line with me at the grocery store may have some disease that I might “catch.” Usually, your attention is not draw to people out of fear, but drawn to people because they have a lovely smile or say something kind to you. Can you continue to walk in fear of each individual that you encounter? Isn’t this much like what you have seen with your politicians as of late. Government officials giving you the rules and regulations of what you can and cannot do, and yet you are so leery of change. Do you see the irony in all of this? Are you feeling like you’re no longer living in a democracy? Are you feeling like the world is conspiring against you? Or are you feeling like the world is a cooperative, benevolent, abundant, healthy, fulfilling, joy-filled place to be?

It always comes down to choice, and how you want your life to be lived. Do you want to live in fear of “catching” some dreaded disease, or do you want to live your life as if you are a cooperative component that has chosen this time space reality to be a part of this ever changing. ever growing, ever learning, and beautiful planet to be on now.

How does one navigate through these times of seeming unrest and fear? We suggest to you that you start to live life as if you have a choice to make, and you do of course. Do you want to be so frightened that you will not even go out of your own home in fear that you may bump up against someone that has some dreaded disease? Or can you move about and enjoy life and live in full harmony with the source of well-being and fearlessness?

You must make your own choices and whatever you choose may it come from a place of centeredness and choosing love over fear. Hope over hopelessness. Joy over sorrow. For you all know that as you continue to create the life of choice, and yes those that are dying, are indeed choosing that, you don’t have to be so afraid of death. Death is also a place where there can be no fear, no boundaries, and love surrounding you. It does not have to be something so frightening.

At the core of all of this world event is FEAR! The people that are in charge of the media and government officials are all perpetuating this fear. Step back from it and allow yourselves to take back your power. We know you have heard the phase You have nothing to fear but fear itself. That in fact, is a very powerful phase. You don’t have to buy into all of this fear. You can live your life in a way that is not fear-based, but based on the belief that you have control over your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and whatever is happening on the outside does not have to affect your inner well-being. Life is full of choices. What do you want to choose?

We will allow you all to process and reclaim that power within and know that we are all indeed one.

Peace and love to all beings.

The Choice Is Yours

Blessings dear beings of the earth plane,

We have come to you this day as a reminder of the connection that you all have to that inner strength of love and joy and peace and happiness. We know that it must seem elusive at times, especially if you are paying a lot of attention to the outer world and not enough attention to the inner world. We know that many of you may be saying, but don’t we need to see reality. Yes, you can pay attention to reality, but then remind yourselves of the reality that lies within and that reality is always connected to love, acceptance, not judgement or fear. Remind yourself that when you are connected to the love of Source, God, Universe, whatever you choose to call it, there is no fear, no hatred, no mistrust of others. It is all a source of love.

Guide yourselves back into that space. The caterpillar does not fear changing into a butterfly.

Oftentimes as Leslie is sitting in traffic and comes to a stop and takes time to be one with us, she notices that when birds are flying in large masses when they migrate, they do not run into one another. They do not shout at one another to move out the way. And upon landing on a wire, they cooperate fully with one another. The line of birds can be full, but when another bird approaches and wants to land, the whole line of birds will cooperate and move to the side and allow the bird into line. They don’t shout out go somewhere else!  Don’t you see that there is no one at the wire below? They do not judge. They are in full cooperation with one another.

Isn’t this possible with the human race also? We know many are thinking, but the birds are not ego driven and humans are. This is true, but doesn’t it also say to you that cooperation is a wonderful tool to be used to allow individuals to just be themselves? It seems though that many of you will say, but what if someone does not want to be cooperative? What if they are seeing a different reality than I am? Yes, this is true as well, but you also have the ability to walk away from situations that are not in your reality, and if you are truly living the life of your choice you will not draw into your experience those events or people that are not on the same wave length.  You will simply live your life fully and directly as you choose to live it. It goes without saying that there will be those times when you bump up against something that is not a “feel good” place, but you always have choices to make with these experiences. You can participate in the drama, or you can allow others to create their own drama while you walk away unharmed by their experiences.

Choose to live the life you want to live, not the life that someone else wants you to live. Not a life full of drama, and mistrust, but a life that is full of you being able to fully express you. The you that you are meant to be. The you that chooses love over hate, joy over sorrow, trust over fear. Have faith in your benevolent being. When you arrive in your body and you become engaged with your family and you may scratch your head as you become more in tune with life and living and say why did I choose this? You choose what you choose to have experiences, to be able to notice the contrast that life gives you to be able to discern what feels good to you.  Yes, then you have those parents that want to control or manipulate, you say. We say remind yourself of the love from which you came. It never ever leaves you, but it can be a bit hard to find at times. Come back to that love within, however you can find to do that. Life may take you on a roller-coaster ride, but enjoy the experiences of life. Those experiences will form the person you choose to be.

Watch children as they play without fear of what lies ahead of them, but so tuned into that moment in time. They see nothing outside of themselves, only that joy filled place of adventure and freedom and happiness. Tap into those joy filled places. If you must go to a playground or surround yourself with the wee ones to be able to get a sense of that feeling, do so. It will bring you back into a place of that innermost guidance of love and acceptance and no fear, only love, joy, freedom.

It is that time of the year when your calendar is reminding you that the year is ending and you may reflect on things going on in your life and wonder what you can do differently next year.   Do not be hard yourselves if you feel like mistakes were made. Instead embrace all of the experiences you have had and trust that whatever has occurred in your life is for you to learn, love, embrace and move forward. I always have choices, you can say to yourself. What do I want to choose for me today?  For this moment in time is all that you have, and this moment in time is so very powerful. Tap into the love and embrace and love yourself. Allow yourself to be that joyful child on the playground romping about and enjoying the playfulness of being alive.

Tap into life. Embrace yourself and love yourself like you never have before. Today is truly the first day of the rest of your life, as the saying goes.

Affirm these things: I am free to be.  I am alive now.  I have choices.  I choose love.

Be at peace, dear ones, and trust in the divine benevolence of your own being.

On Orion’s 14th Anniversary

Ken Routson has a conversation with Orion celebrating the 14th anniversary of Orion communicating through his partner, channeler Leslie Stewart. Orion talks about many things, including the Ohio tornado in May 2019, a lovely baby bird story, climate change and epigenetics, and more.