Orion On Appreciation

In this latest channeled message, Orion talks, in this season of thanksgiving, about cultivating gratitude and focusing on everything we do have. Orion goes on to remind us that even in the most challenging situations, we always have the choice of whether to react or to hold a higher vibration. In-Joy!

Orion In Jupiter

That’s Jupiter, Florida!

Leslie Stewart, channel for Orion, a collective consciousness (similar to Seth and Abraham) will be offering an Orion Seminar on Thursday, February 4th, 2016 in Jupiter, Florida.

Orion will provide an overview of their inspirational book, Trust and Allow the Process of Life In-Joy! followed by a Q & A session where you’re free to ask general or personal questions.

The cost is $35 or $25 prepaid by February 1st.

See events page for registration and more information

Manifesting health

Many of you may also being experiencing a great deal of energy shifting.  I certainly am very tuned into the movements of energy all around me as well as in me.  I for one, am taking more time for myself whenever I can grab a few minutes here and there to just sit quietly and listen.  Sometimes I can hear the wisdom of my own being rising to the occasion and cheering me on saying, stay focused in the now moment!  Don’t allow all of that unnecessary chatter to continue in head with my current to do list!  Just take the time to breathe in and breathe out and to stretch my muscles of my body.

I am encouraging all of you to please take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to just enjoy!

sending many blessing to you all,