IGF image cropped

The mission of Individual Growth & Fulfillment (IGF) is
to assist individuals in becoming empowered, inspired, and fulfilled.

The philosophy of IGF:

  1. We are powerful expressions of GOD or SOURCE
  2. Life is always for us! Life provides us with the source to thrive, until we restrict it via resistance, fear, doubt, and the lack of understanding universal laws.
  3. Law of Attraction. We are like magnets that attract those people, situations, events, and experiences that are of the same vibratory beliefs and consciousness as we are—both individually and collectively.
  4. We get what we focus and concentrate on.
  5. We live in a safe and abundant universe.
  6. Illness is language: Disease and pain are barometers indicating resistance, limiting beliefs, something missing from our life, negative thinking, or misalignment with our authentic self.
  7. Like our source, we are creators learning the joy of consciously co-creating the life of our choice.
  8. Life is supposed to be good, and we can be and have and do anything we desire.
  9. Our creator loves us unconditionally as we are. Know that everyone is always valued and worthy of the best.

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