Trust and Allow The Process of Life, In-Joy!

by Leslie Stewart



Trust and Allow The Process of Life, In-Joy! is a collection of messages from Orion, a collective consciousness of All That Is, as channeled by Leslie Stewart.

Trust and Allow the Process of Life, In-Joy! inspires us to nurture in ourselves a confident expectation of attaining what we desire. In its pages, Orion teaches us the natural laws that not only support our desire to feel good, but are the foundation of life on our planet and throughout the universe as well. These gentle teachers and facilitators give illustrations and insights, which catalyze our self-discovery and self-empowerment.

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On Changing Your Beliefs:

Be aware of your habitual emotional responses to events. Step back for just a moment, and in that quick second of time, you will have the evidence of your beliefs or your thoughts or your thinking patterns. In time, you will become more and more aware of those thinking patterns. Awareness is the first step. Change the patterns of thought if they are no longer being of use to you, change the thinking. Then new thought patterns will emerge almost instantaneously and begin to take hold.

Know that you will continue to emerge into new thought patterns as you continue to grow ????????????????????????????????????????and think and rethink and learn and experience and enjoy the process of life. When your awareness is keen and your responses wise, you become an active participant and player in your life. The awareness will bring forth greater understanding of the soul self, the inner self, the greater self, the authentic self, the self of you. The essence of your being. We are all divine beings here to enjoy this magnificent world. Be at peace with what is. Be aware of your thought and feeling patterns and tweak them as needed. Be easy and gentle with yourselves and know that we are all in this together having a joyful time.

On Real Security:

Real security and safety does not come from the government, military, police or any god outside of you. Freedom, co-operation, and safety are an inherent foundation within all consciousness. Accordingly, your body intrinsically has the capability to function effortlessly. The physical body itself is natural proof of grace. Your entire body is comprised of billions of cellular mini universes that are on some level conscious, all cooperating and communicating with each other. The natural functioning of your body—from your heartbeat to your metabolism—is evidence of how life is for you. You do not have to force or make anything happen. You live in a safe and abundant universe. Since everything is God, there is only well-being, harmony, love, joy, and fulfillment.

Life is supposed to be good. Moreover, you can be, do, or have the essence of anything you desire. However, because freedom is intrinsically the essence of All That Is, each expression of consciousness is free to create, explore, and experience both the positive and negative.

On Being Authentic:

When others want you to see things the way they see things rather than the way you choose to see it, smile at them and say, “I’m glad you see your life that way.  I, however, perceive my life a bit differently.  If you are happy in your life, be happy.  I am happy in mine.  I choose to see things the way I choose to see them, and you choose to see things the way you choose to see them.  All is well.”

You have the freedom to be you—freedom to be that expression of your soul self—your true self—your authentic self.  You have the freedom of knowing when to choose to remain silent and remain unaffected by outer circumstances by knowing that indeed you are a powerful human being.

Remind yourself that you are connected to this Energy Force.  When you are truly connected, all is perfect, whole and complete just as you are.  Remind yourself that you are indeed connected to Source Energy. It is not something that is separate from you. You are encased in it and flowing in it. Remind yourself that you are flourishing and loving and at peace with who you are and for what you believe in.


Orion Rocks!

I really enjoyed the personal session I had with Orion when they were in Nova Scotia. I felt them radiate such serenity and peace that I tapped into and took with me. I had a phone session recently and Orion helped me become aware of my emotional, habitual response patterns that have been attracting many of the unwanted events in my life. I was delighted to hear that they wrote a book. I use the title for my daily affirmations, “trust and allow the process of life- In-Joy!” The book was so positive and uplifting, void of dogma that so many of these types of books have. It was so refreshing to hear that there is nothing wrong with the ego as long as it is balanced with our spiritual part of ourselves. The idea that the physical reality is where it’s at and that desire is an integral part of living in the here in now! The most important thing I learned from this book is the universal law that well being is the rule and not the exception. Whenever something is troubling me all I have to do is pick up this book and open it and read it and it doesn’t take me long to reclaim my power. If I had to summarize this book in one word it would be HOPE.  Leslie, please return to Nova Scotia!   —Elizabeth Beranger

6 thoughts on “Books

  1. This has got to be the best book title I have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have read this book many times and just love it! I have found when I need
    a pick me up or something is bothering me I can open the book and there in front
    of me in black and white is the answer. It is amazing how that works. May-be it will
    work for you too!

  2. The conversations between Ken, Linda and Orion are enlightening and encouraging for anyone wishing to bring more light, love and grace into their lives. My favorite chapter is “Healing: Whatever Works.” It seems to push the boundaries on some of our belief systems.

    This review does not begin to do justice to the new insights that are found in this book. I’m happy to add this edition to my collection of books on awareness and living in gratitude. All That Is. A bit closer now to living it.

  3. This book is seriously life-changing! Orion and Leslie have a way of explaining universal and metaphysical concepts in a clear and straightforward way. It is extremely uplifting and empowering, reaffirming that YES, we really do have a choice and can live life in-joy! After reading this book, I felt I was able to take a nice deep breath and relax….and realize that the true purpose of life is really to grow and enjoy ourselves! I felt my sense of purpose strengthen and my feeling of gratitude and love for All That Is expand after reading this magnificent book. Amazing!!!

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