Thoughts About My Mother

The most beautiful word on the lips of mankind is the word “Mother,”
and the most beautiful call is the call of “My mother.”
It is a word full of hope and love,
a sweet and kind word coming from the depths of the heart.

The mother is everything— 
she is our consolation in sorrow,
our hope in misery, and our strength in weakness.
She is the source of love, mercy, sympathy, and forgiveness….

Everything in nature bespeaks the mother.
The sun is the mother of earth and gives it its nourishment of heart;
it never leaves the universe at night until it has put the earth to sleep to the song of the sea and the hymn of birds and brooks.

And this earth is the mother of trees and flowers.
It produces them, nurses them, and weans them.
The trees and flowers become kind mothers of their great fruits and seeds.
And the mother, the prototype of all existence, is the eternal spirit, full of beauty and love.

—Kahlil Gibran

As I was showering and thinking and in a sense — in my meditation, I was reflecting on my mother and what it felt like to be in her presence. I have to say, it was difficult at times, never was she really sure of her role as a mother, nor my role as her daughter. It could be volatile, which came from a deep insecurity on my part, never really feeling like there was a love bond, but more a bond of necessity. We were thrown together as mother and daughter, and those of you who are familiar with my teachers, know there are no accidents, so we did choose each other.

My insights into this have been that we both had a lot of learning and growing to do, and a lot of insecurity. My mom really didn’t know how to love. She was one of six children, with a father that was absent because of working and pleasurable outings. Her mother was sickly, and the children were doled out to other relatives, so how did my mother learn how to be a mother? It was thrust upon her in a sense, when she became pregnant for the first time.

Mom was young, inexperienced and newly married. I can only speculate what that must have felt like to her. My mom and I never really had those kinds of conversations, to get to know one another in the deepest sense of the word. I would do my thing, and she would do hers. We did over our time as mother and daughter, have a few glimpses into each other, but it was indeed a rare thing.

I cherish with the deepest of my soul those times when we did connect deeply and openly and honestly. It was very cathartic for me, but I really cannot tell you how it was for her, because she rarely would give me insights into who she was, what she felt, and what she believed true for herself, because in reality she did not know that herself. She, in many ways, was a frightened little girl wearing grown up clothes and living in a grown up world, with thoughts and wonderment of who she was, and what her role was?

So my wish for all of you is that you take time to first love yourself, nourish that little one inside of you, that scared little child that feels lost, and uncared for, love that child, embrace that child within and believe with every fiber of your being that the little child within is worthy of life, is worthy of love, and hug this little child from the inside out. You are here on the planet as a loving being that cares and can nourish yourself. Please by all means take the time to do this, Then give of that love to those that you see that appear lost, or lonely and scared, and reach out to them with your heart and your love and embrace them. Give of yourselves and be kind and gentle and loving and caring to all beings. You are here now to do this and it is so necessary.

Orion on Taking Care of Self

[In this offering, Ken shares guidance he received from Spirit about talking care of self.]

Dearest Ken, we are here to assist in any way that we can.

As you know the world, energetically speaking, is moving at a very fast pace. You are always encouraging others to do what they believe is best for them and you always want the very best for everyone else. Have you been doing the same for yourself? We want you to take the time to relax, breathe in the very essence of who you are and what you want for yourself. Yes, we know you have been trying to promote yourself and others as of late for workshops etc., however, you must also do the same for you. Self-promotion of health, wellness and wellbeing to the core of who you are.

What you are feeling in the chest and in your mind’s eye is the movement from sickness to wellness, in that you are moving your consciousness into the place of wellbeing. In this lifetime you have always been looking for something outside of yourself to do the healing or to fix the problem, but in reality, and what you are wanting to integrate into your book, is how do I change my mindset from what is so practiced in my life to that which I know to be true. What you know for sure as you tap into the core of who you are, that person who has studied and teaches and listens to material from all the teachers. It is your inner guidance that you must trust, and believe in self-awareness, self-healing, self-care.

Step out of that old belief of having to take care of others and leaving yourself out of the equation. Who you are is this masterful person who can teach others to believe in who they are and in what they want for themselves. Are you really doing this for you? Or are you doing this to see the growth in others? What we want to see is the benefits of helping yourself. It is okay to be selfish with one’s self. This is what we have been saying to you for a while now. You are putting pieces of the tapestry of life together for business, others, and now it is time for self-care.

Ask yourself What do I see myself doing for the next span of time? How do I want to live my life?  Do I really see myself flourishing in the manner in which I see for others? Am I taking time to develop my own health and wellness program? The shifting and sorting of energies in this time space reality is and has been taking a toll on you, but it is certainly not irreversible. This is something that you always are second guessing about yourself. You think, I can teach this stuff, but I feel like I am not living this stuff. We have heard you say this not only to others, but to yourself. Are we right in that assumption? Be strong enough in your own conviction of who you truly are and believe that you do indeed have the power within you to transform yourself into a vibrant, healthy, energetic being. That is who you are at the core.

You have left that piece of the tapestry behind and now it is time, dear one, to recreate those feelings of freedom, joy, and complete fulfillment of who you are. Do you remember those feeling of joy and bliss and wonderment that you had when you felt so strong, and trusted that what you were teaching was indeed how you wanted your life to be as well. You are indeed the creator of your reality. This is something that you have known for a very long time and that is what originally drew you to the Seth material. You knew that you wanted a different lifestyle, you wanted to be healthy, wealthy, to create a life of what your dreams were and continue to be.   You must indeed believe that wellness is the rule and not the exception, when you really get out of your own way. You must indeed take time to breathe deeply and fully and stretch not only those intellectual muscles, but the physical muscles. You have said this over and over — next life time I am going to be more physical. Do not allow what you believe to be limiting you from being this way now to hold you back. You have seen people turn their lives around, but you must turn these ideas and motions into overt action. Do you understand what we are saying? You have felt the limitations of what those “old” tapes in your head have dictated to you, but you know without a shadow of doubt that you are the one and the only one that can and will be able to direct that energy into the you are wanting. You know that you are tapped into infinite intelligence and that is a very powerful place to be. Feel the power in the knowing of that.

Feel the power of who you are. What you want is really well within your reach, but you have to let go of those old limiting beliefs around health. They no longer serve who you are now. You are powerful, whole, healthy, and vibrant and we see this in you and now you must indeed see this in yourself. We are happy to assist in any way that we possibly can.

Be at peace and know that you are divinely guided and directed to that which is you.

An Invitation

Peace to all beings.

Come to where we are and you will feel the lightness and beauty of each unfolding day. Allow yourself to be free from worry, doubt, fear, hate, unsettledness, and open yourself to the flow of energy that is us/you. For you see, we are not separate from you, although you have allowed yourself to be separate from us.

The connection you feel when you are driving in your car and all the red lights magically turn to green, or when you pull into a very crowded parking lot and someone is pulling out right where you want to park, that is us. When you are walking outside and taking time to breathe in the fresh air and feel the earth upon your feet, there we are. When you felt that gentle brush of air caress your face. that was us asking you to take time to enjoy that particular moment. That moment in time was you aligning with that which we call All That Is.

When you find kindness in each individual that you encounter, yes, even when they cut you off in traffic or you are stuck behind an accident and you really need to get to a meeting, that is us saying, now is a really good time to come to where we are. Take the time in this experience to enjoy being in the car. Look around you at the other drivers and smile and let them know you are connected to the divine in you and in them. You and everyone that you come into contact with throughout your day can make choices. You can choose to be kind and courteous and playful, or you can choose to be irritable, irrational, and even irate but you always have the choice.

What will you choose for yourself today? Will you choose to allow us all to be connected in the divine Father/Mother/God of All That Is? Or will you choose to feel disconnected to your soul self? Life is full of these choices that you have throughout your entire day. Make a mental note of how and why you choose to do what you do. Kindness and love will always win over even the most irritable people you may encounter. You have really no idea what they may be dealing with in their own lives, and you really don’t want to make that kind of judgment on anyone. For when you judge them, you are judging yourself and you are bringing into your experience just want you were trying to avoid.

Life is full of wonderful opportunities to engage with people, events, challenges, highs, lows and everything in between. Be gentle with yourselves and know that whatever choice you make today will also affect others, because in the divine scheme of life we are all indeed connected. Choose to be connected to your divine loving beautiful self today and see what life gives back to you.

How much energy will it take to be kind and how much energy does it take to be unkind? You will be surprised to know that it takes much more energy to be unkind than it does to be kind. You are all on the planet at this time in your life to be at one with the beauty of your soul self. Yes, life can be challenging at times, and have heartache, and things will happen that you will say, how am I to see the beauty in this? That is the time in which we want you to take a breath in and exhale and look around and be at one with self and gently say to yourself, This is just a mere second in the bigger scheme of my life. How do I want to choose to respond to this circumstance? Will it be with love and gentleness and peace and awareness of All That Is?

It may be or it may not be, but we will not judge your response to it, and we do not want you to judge yourselves for the way you may react to circumstances, people, etc. Life is not for judgment of others, but acceptance of others for where they are is where they are, and it may not be where you are, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is where you are. And if you are choosing to be connected to your divine loving natural state of well-being and acceptance of self. By recalling the divine in you, you will see the divine in others, yes even those who can’t see it in themselves.

We give to you today this moment in time to align with the All That Is and know that we are all indeed in this together. We are sending to you today the gift of a new day, a new beginning, a new awareness. Choose to connect to that divine natural loving self the you are!

Blessings to all, and know that we are indeed all one.

Teaching, healing , creating entities…

The Teachers On Practical Magic

Dear ones,

Lately Leslie had been thinking more about lack, about not good enough, about worthlessness, and you know what that brings to you.

When she allowed herself to come back into balance, she felt hopeful, more aligned with her inner being and knowing, and trusted that what the universe was giving to her is what whe was asking for. She was feeling overwhelmed at work and underappreciated, and on the day that she had turned her negative thoughts back into more positive expectancy, a client presented her with flowers and a card that stated —YOU are appreciated, you are kind, you are patient. Look what she did. Yes, she did that. She brought herself back into the place of empowerment and hopefulness and saw almost immediate results.

This is what we the teachers are always telling you — that when you believe in yourself and your worthiness things always work out for you. There is no getting around it, this is how the universe operates.

As you continue to move forward more to what you do want and away from the things that you don’t want, you will see that more doors will open. Allow yourself to be open to an endless stream of possibilities. The little things in life that were annoying will bring you gifts of understanding, and a belief that indeed with me all things are possible.

Become more focused on the things that give you a great deal of pleasure and less on the things that bring you into a place of disbelief. Achieving the goals and desires that you have set out for yourself are within reach. Why would you doubt that?

When life brings to you challenges or events that seemingly come from nowhere to now here, it is because you are coming from the practiced thoughts of not good enough. You are so in tune with those thoughts that you forget just how far you have come, the you have walked away from diversity and heartache and the feeling of despair only to be shown the evidence of just the opposite emotions.

Now is the day once again to see the magic that transpires in life when you are in alignment with your soul self — the Self that is always believing in you; the one that cheers you on and stands up for you when you feel that you can’t stand up for yourself. The Self that says all is well in your world, life is for you, the Universe is bending in your direction. The Self that says, I love you, I believe in you, come back to me. You are beautiful, you are alive, you are joy, you are ecstasy, and you are blissfully happy with life.

Feel the joy of life again. Feel the absolute magic that gives you the synchronicities that align you with circumstances and events that prove to you time and time again that indeed life is for you.

The assignment for you today is to believe in Self, feel the joy and magic of life and watch life unfold for you in ways that will have you grinning from ear to ear all day and into the next day and the next… You get the picture.

Be in-joy!