From: Jonas

Question: Do non-physical aspects of ourselves have an equivalent to our sleep time? Does it depend on the amount of self awareness? In the same vein, what would be the non-physical equivalent of the physical form having to maintain itself by breathing and eating (other life forms whether plant or animal), besides the belief that we are thought forms.
Thank you.

Answer: First of all, you must realize that all SELVES—physical and non-physical—are multi-dimensional, especially non-physical. All physical manifestations, whether or not people, place or things always have a non-physical counterpart, which is their source. Non-physical aspects of ourselves do not require sleep because they don’t need sleep to release resistance, fear, nor do they require rejuvenation. Everything physical and non-physical has levels of awareness. The non-physical form does not require anything like breathing and eating because it’s always fueled by the inner resources of source. However, all physical manifestations require re-sourcing (resources).

From: Elizabeth

Question: When you are detaching from people places and things that no longer serve the greater good of you, what is the least amount of resistance in doing so? In other words, when ending a relationship how do you do it without shattering the other person’s soul? Especially when they are already very shattered yet look to you for all there [their] strength financially, emotionally, sexually etc. Namaste

Answer: Good evening Elizabeth. We appreciate your questions as many people are going through similar situations at this time on the planet.

You know that you cannot shatter another person’s soul. They have full control of their life and circumstances, which they themselves have created. You are in a relationship in which you have found yourself to be loving, learning and growing and expanding in your quest for greater understanding of your soul self. As you see that you are the only one in control of your soul’s life purpose, you see that your partner(s) and children are in control of their own soul’s wishes, hopes, dreams and desires.

Your question for yourself is How do I see myself? What do I do for my own self growth, my own self-empowerment, my own self discoveries? You have chosen to co-create some experiences with others that are in your circle of friends, family and playmates, but you ask yourself How do I take control of my life and my circumstances and live without hurting or seeing them as being injured? Life is always working out for you, life is always working out for those that are in your circle. You cannot control, manipulate or create in another’s own reality. They have full charge of how and what they want for themselves. You continue to send them love and empower them and show them by example that they will survive, as you will survive, in creating new life experiences. It ultimately is a “do it yourself” project, in that you all have the tools and wonderment of life to see how you want to create what you desire. You have found that you can create a work space for you and can provide for self when you need to or desire to and you do not have to be dependent on anyone else to provide things for you, such as finances, spiritual support or other things. It is always up to self to figure out what and how you want your life to unfold.

Your partner will be able to do the same. Perhaps he feels like somehow the ground rules got changed on him mid-stream when he thought that life would always be status quo. But as everyone knows, life can sometimes throw some curve balls at us and we must take responsibility for our choices, dreams, and changes that occur within our lifetime. Life is always changing through your process of growth and understanding of who you are and what you desire as it is also doing for the other players in your life’s play.

Continue to In-joy and love, and live and learn.

Much love,

From: Kimberly

Question: I’ve been told I am apart of the Orion Family. Is this so ? Then why don’t I like being here.

Answer: Your question is one which we find intriguing. What do you believe the Orion family is? We, the entity of Orion that is translated through Leslie, is not so much a family as a collective consciousness. As you know, a collection of consciousness is one in which you find yourself on a daily basis. You are one that can wear many hats through out your lifetime, as you, in this lifetime, are a mother/sister/wife/companion/worker/playmate/teacher/student etc.

If you find that you don’t like it being here—we assume you are speaking of here on the planet earth now as you—if you are finding that you are not liking something, you know that you are resistant to life, resistant to change, resistant to being you. If you, in fact, are not liking where you are, you always have choices. You can say to yourself, I can continue to stay as I am miserable, unhappy, not engaged with life, or I can look at the things that I feel are not making me happy and why they are not making me happy. Am I not liking life because I am not liking me at the moment? Is there something that I can do to change my circumstances? Is there something that I can do to look at life a bit differently? Am I the causation of me not wanting to be here? Am I allowing outer circumstances dictate to me why I seemingly don’t want to be here? Is there something within me that is holding me back from engaging myself with Life? Is there something that I could do to find the pleasures with life?

We believe perhaps with some minor inside playing and self discoveries you will find that indeed, you would really miss being here when you fully engage yourself with life’s simple pleasures. Take time to breath deeply, vibrate with nature, look in the mirror and know that what you are looking at it is a beautiful, inspirational individual that is really searching for something within themselves to give them the deepest pleasure there is—self acceptance, and self love and self nourishment that is just waiting to fully blossom.

If you find that you have further questions please do not hesitate to look and feel us as we are all deeply connected through the lovely tapestry of life.

Have you heard the saying if I change the way I look at things, the things I look at will change? This is food for thought for you my dear.

Blessings and love.