The Teachers On Practical Magic

Dear ones,

Lately Leslie had been thinking more about lack, about not good enough, about worthlessness, and you know what that brings to you.

When she allowed herself to come back into balance, she felt hopeful, more aligned with her inner being and knowing, and trusted that what the universe was giving to her is what whe was asking for. She was feeling overwhelmed at work and underappreciated, and on the day that she had turned her negative thoughts back into more positive expectancy, a client presented her with flowers and a card that stated —YOU are appreciated, you are kind, you are patient. Look what she did. Yes, she did that. She brought herself back into the place of empowerment and hopefulness and saw almost immediate results.

This is what we the teachers are always telling you — that when you believe in yourself and your worthiness things always work out for you. There is no getting around it, this is how the universe operates.

As you continue to move forward more to what you do want and away from the things that you don’t want, you will see that more doors will open. Allow yourself to be open to an endless stream of possibilities. The little things in life that were annoying will bring you gifts of understanding, and a belief that indeed with me all things are possible.

Become more focused on the things that give you a great deal of pleasure and less on the things that bring you into a place of disbelief. Achieving the goals and desires that you have set out for yourself are within reach. Why would you doubt that?

When life brings to you challenges or events that seemingly come from nowhere to now here, it is because you are coming from the practiced thoughts of not good enough. You are so in tune with those thoughts that you forget just how far you have come, the you have walked away from diversity and heartache and the feeling of despair only to be shown the evidence of just the opposite emotions.

Now is the day once again to see the magic that transpires in life when you are in alignment with your soul self — the Self that is always believing in you; the one that cheers you on and stands up for you when you feel that you can’t stand up for yourself. The Self that says all is well in your world, life is for you, the Universe is bending in your direction. The Self that says, I love you, I believe in you, come back to me. You are beautiful, you are alive, you are joy, you are ecstasy, and you are blissfully happy with life.

Feel the joy of life again. Feel the absolute magic that gives you the synchronicities that align you with circumstances and events that prove to you time and time again that indeed life is for you.

The assignment for you today is to believe in Self, feel the joy and magic of life and watch life unfold for you in ways that will have you grinning from ear to ear all day and into the next day and the next… You get the picture.

Be in-joy!

Orion on Choice

Dear Ones,

Many of you are experiencing the winds of change all about you. It is a matter of, do you want to step into the wind tunnel or do you want to swirl about with ease. If you step into the turmoil that seems to be all around you, if you pay attention to the news or listen to your family and friends and co-workers, you can find yourself inside the wind tunnel swirling about—and it isn’t with ease! Instead, you are holding on and feeling thrashed about with your head spinning with facts or fiction. Ask yourself: Do I need to pay attention to what is around me, or do I create my reality? If indeed you do create your life’s experiences, then what do you want to create for yourself? We see that if you step away from the wind tunnel and observe without fear or doubt or hesitation, but rather with assurance and self-confidence and peace, then you will indeed not choose to step into the hail storm of activity that may or may not surround me. If you are creating your life of choice, you will then not be surrounded by such utter disarray, but rather you will be surrounded by the beautiful forest or ocean, or delight in a walk in your lovely neighborhood, where you can find solace and peace.

So you see, whatever you decide to do for yourself, it is always a choice. Do not allow someone else to choose what you want to wear, or read, or observe, but do your own choosing.

You will find that if you can remind yourself of the bliss you feel when you are choosing what you want for yourself and your reality, then you will choose things that bring you great delight and wonderful smiles and cheerful music and pleasant conversation.

You may have observed friends who say they took a walk in the forest to find solitude, but upon their return they complained to you that they heard all kinds of creatures making noise and people chatting and trees swaying in the wind and leaves crunching. And you found yourself thinking, how can you tell me it gives you solitude to walk in the forest? In your perception, a walk in the forest makes you feel one the trees, enjoying the crunching of leaves and the delicious aroma of mother earth and all her beauty. So therefore, reality it is always reflected through one’s own perceptions. You can choose to adhere to rules and regulations that seem to stifle you and what you believe to be true for yourself, or you can choose to see that those same rules and regulations do not bind you or put you into bondage, but give you a feeling of power and hope and choice.

Whose reality is it? It is neither right or wrong or good or bad, but choice. What do you choose for yourself? How do you want to perceive reality? How do you want to feel when life throws you those curve balls? Do you duck? Do you catch the ball? Do you swing the bat? Do you feel trapped? Do you feel like you have power, or do you feel powerless? Who do you trust with your life and your choices?

We do hope that you are choosing to feel the power of choice. Do not think: Will I fail or fall down if I choose the wrong thing? What if there is no wrong choice. What if you believe for yourself that whatever you choose will be the best fit for you right now? What if you can see yourself making a choice and then not second guessing it, but believing that whatever you have chosen will indeed play out just as you have envisioned it for yourself? You can play this game of life with the power you have within you and know that whatever you decide can bring to you the desired outcome. If you believe in yourself, then you will make the choices that allow you to follow your own lead and discover that in that powerful now moment you can trust in your own judgment. What a wonderful self-discovery. I believe in me! I know that I can trust my own worthiness and self-confidence. I choose to walk in the forest among the little creatures and enjoy the smells and sounds and feelings of solitude and joy and peace and love and self-worth.  

I know that I will bring into my reality what I know will be of benefit to me. I cannot make a bad choice or wrong choice if I trust who I am.  

I love myself. I am free of self-limiting beliefs about my reality and know that as I create I am growing, living and learning.

I am free to be me!



Orion on The Vastness of YOU


Dear Ones,

We know that in these times of seemingly endless chaos and disturbances around the globe that this is indeed the time to reconnect to you, the universal intelligence of you, that which you know to be the Source that is connected to the universe.

When life and all of its challenges and twists and turns take you away from the place within where you find peace, solace, love, caring for self and loving self, reach back within and tune in to that universal intelligence of the All That Is.

Life will continue to guide you in ways that seem like it is meandering so far away from what you had pictured in your mind’s eye, but in reality, this meandering is also a piece of who you are and what you want for yourself. Know there indeed are no accidents as to why you stubbed your toe, or ran you shoulder into the side of the wall, or you bumped up against something bigger than what you thought you could handle, such as some dis-ease, or you contracted a cold or whatever it may be. These things are all a part of what you, dear, have created for yourself.

The manifestations of ease can come as quickly as the dis-ease of life. It all depends on what you have put out to the universe for your life’s journey at this particular moment. Do not be hard on yourself or beat yourself up because it feels bigger than you. The universe will not allow for such things to happen to you. You are such a magnificent creator that sometimes the things that are created may seem unfair or unjust. In this reality, however, since you are spiritually connected to All That Is, you can also create a life of love, acceptance, joy, peace, kindness, health, wealth, and happiness.

How do I do that when my life seems so askew? you ask.

Find a tree to sit under, a star to wish upon, a body of water to sit beside, quiet your mind, enjoy the silence. When your mind wanders, and we assure you it will, your mind will try to entice you back to that place where you are trying to steer yourself away from, that place of fear, anger, hurt, resentments, remind yourself that you are connected to this huge universe that reaches far beyond what you see right in front of you. Remind yourself that there is this vast universe beyond the stars and sky that you see with your eyes. You are so much more than what you currently perceive yourself to be.

Say to yourself—I am limitless. It is only my belief that is limiting me from being more than what my perception of myself is at this brief moment in time. We are all connected to this beautiful planet that we call earth, but yet we know that this is just one small piece of the grandeur that lays beyond what our perception is.

We are all so much more than that short sided perception of what we believe to be ourselves in those times of fear, doubt and frustration. We are all so very much more than that. Tap into that universal intelligence of All That Is, which sees no absolutes and has no limits. You are all that and so much more. You are not a limited individual unless you limit yourself to that false belief. Tune in and tap into the universe that you see around you. See the beauty of the day, of friendships, rocks, trees, birds, flowers and the beauty of YOU!

You have no limits. Do not limit yourself through beliefs that can take you away from the flow of energy that connects you to All That Is.

If you see yourself as limitless, then the fear, anger, frustrations soon subside, because you will open yourself up to limitless possibilities of joy and freedom. Connect yourself to that which is the true you. The one that sees clearly that life is happening for me, and bending in my direction and showing me that this path over here may be less obstructive, and you may be able to see more clearly and easily without boundaries to hold you back from being you.

Do you see that? Do you feel that connection to All That Is? Do you believe that you are connected to that Source? Do you believe that in this wonderful universe, in its limitlessness, you hold the key to unlock that door and open wider to your own unlimited possibility? Use that key to unlock yourself from the chains of misperceptions of who you are and who you can be, of who you want to allow yourself to be. Say—I am free, to be! I am free to be me! I am free to unlock that door! Feel the exhilaration in that freedom, flying with ease in the direction that you want to go. Flying with ease through life, without so much drama, and so many setbacks. Don’t allow yourself to be misguided by the false perception of who you are.

You are a child of the universe, and one that holds that key to love, life, and happiness.

The joy will follow you, and you will easily open more and more doors for yourself. And you will know that you are a limitless person in this divine universe that knows no boundaries. The boundaries are only self-imposed. Declare today—I am free to choose, free to be alive and express myself openly, freely as me. I can choose whatever I want for myself today and always.

We are all divinely connected to this beautiful universal intelligence of life. Express yourself and love yourself and free yourself from all self-bondage.

Be at peace, dear ones, and know that we are all indeed one.

With our love,


A Message of Encouragement


It is with great love that we have gathered here in this place, in this time, with this one, to speak to you in this way. We hope to further enrich the lives not only of those of you who may be interested in reading our words, but those of you who have never heard of spirit guides or teachers or any words that have come through individuals such as Leslie. We are the Teachers that want to express to you how divinely guided you all are, even though you may not be fully aware of it.

What we mean is that every time you make a decision to move forward in any direction, whether it is jobs, school, lovers, grocery shopping, or driving in a certain direction for some unknown reason, these are all things that happen when you believe that all things are possible, and that you are embraced and surrounded by love, and that you are love.

We ask you to believe in the divineness of who you are. We know that life sometimes manifests experiences that seem difficult or unkind in the moment, but always this is done by that which is your inner wisdom. The wisdom that is connected to all life, all living things is also in you. Do not disconnect yourself from that which is you. Please always be patient and kind to yourself and to those that are not as aware of the deep unbending love of All That Is. For you will come across people that will seem unkind, unruly, rude, but really, they are just like you in a sense. The difference is that they have either forgotten that love of self, or have not yet learned fully how to allow themselves to be divinely embraced by love.

Be gentle with yourselves, be kind to yourself and enjoy all the experiences of everyday life. These experiences will undoubtedly bring you into greater understanding of the soul self.

We know there are many of you that may be going through depression, hurt, anger, loss, dis-ease, or simply not enjoying life. Please be kind and love yourself even more during these times, because that is what your inner guidance is calling out for you to do.

it is telling you to come toward it, to listen to your heart, to listen to the stillness of life, to listen intently, for that is indeed your guidance that is reaching out to you. Embrace yourself and love yourself, shower yourself in kind words. Don’t be hard on yourself and wonder Where did I go wrong? Instead say, I am doing the best I know how to do for myself at this juncture or passage of my life. I am giving myself this time and opportunity to become even more aware of the love that seems so elusive at this moment.

These can be challenging times for those of you who do not believe in the goodness of life and the greatness of self. Knowing that this powerful tool has always been in you, and that with the re-connection of the life source called you, you can start to rewind those words that have been used to shout at you and say to you all of the negative things you have felt about life and love and work and circumstances that seem so out of control. When you feel hopeless or disconnected or weepy and tired and can’t stand to think about another thing, person or place, remind yourself that this life is yours to make the best you can. You wonder why we ask you to embrace that part of yourself that you loathe at the moment, why we want you to think things will change when you can’t see any light anywhere. You think we asking too much of you when you feel lost and lonely and desperate.

Yes, dear ones, at this time and particularly at this time, it is especially important for you to take the time to re-establish the love of self. You may have felt so desperately alone and worthless, but we are here to tell you that you are loved and you are love! In-join yourself with that which you call you. Find something that gives you great pleasure.

As we are sitting here with Leslie in this moment, she hears a train in the distance. To some of you this sound may bring fear, or a feeling of loneliness. To Leslie, it reminds her of traveling from place to place and a feeling of peace and contentment. Leslie also reminds herself of a person she meet at a park who seemed drawn to have a conversation with her and Ken in order to share a piece of who he is. On some level, he wanted to tell his story in order to relate to another human being in a way that would forever be indelibly ingrained in their consciousness. On a conscious level, he had no idea at the time of the conversation that he would leave such an imprint. He told them how he rides the rails for a living, and not by paying for the ride, but for the adventure of the ride. When the train stops, he gets off and looks for work and starts his journey onward.

Isn’t this truly what you all do each day? You look for that next ride, the next adventure, the next thought of what do. You are here so you, too, can share your story, live your story, continue to create your story, to learn from life’s experiences, expand the awareness of who you truly are. Remind yourself often: I am love. I am light. I am joy. I am in my heart. I take this time to listen to the voice within and feel the light of who I am.

Dear ones, your life is your story to tell. Enjoy the journey. Reconnect the dots of who you are here to be. Do not put pressure on yourself to be better than anyone else, or richer, or more beautiful, but simply to be the love that you are.

With our unwavering love to you!

The teachers