Beautiful Souls of the Universe

You may have noticed over these last few months how indeed we are all connected through this lovely tapestry of life. As you breathe in and breathe out, you know that your air is filled with the life of all beings of the planet. Do you realize how special that is? Do you realize the connectedness of All That Is and you and your part within All That Is? You may have been feeling a little strained as of late. Oh, okay, we hear you. You have felt the pressures of life and constant changes you have all been experiencing. We have noticed that some of you can continue to move about with ease and flow, while others have been in a place of turmoil, uncertainty, and life changing events. We feel your hearts as they break when another person in your life has chosen to leave this time-space reality. Yes, they have chosen to leave at this time, because they want to let go of life here and begin again. We feel the sorrow, and we hear your cries, but we want you to also know that even as they leave they are choosing another reality. If you chose to stay on the planet as it is now, it is because you believe there is much that you can still contribute to this earth space.

Do not fear, dear ones. As you begin to take steps forward, and a few steps back, it will all come together in a kind of symmetry that has yet to be determined. Those of you who see things that you want to question and to understand with a new depth, will continue to stay here now and see that there really is much yet to experience. We want you to trust the process, even as it often seems there is no real process to anything. Things seem so scattered, without rhyme and seemingly no reason at all. You also know that as you have heard through the news media and through talking with peers how difficult life has become for many on the planet and it seems there is no letting up on the fear, doubt, and uncertainty. That jobs are being lost, businesses have closed, people have died, and the hope of going back to life as you once knew it seems bleak and terribly uncertain.

This is when we want you all to come together on the planet and work as a unified version of humanity, and choose peace over hostility, love over hatred, and accommodate each other’s desires as if they were your own. You actually can coexist on this beautiful planet as if you really did believe that you are all connected. We realize that many of you will never have life as you once knew it because of all the changes that have occurred throughout this year. This has been a year of change, a year of insight, a year of the inward journey to look inside and be guided by who you are and what you believe to be true for you. We understand that day to day living is filled with uncertainty and upheaval. It is often difficult to trust your own guidance because along the way you seem to question and not be sure of what the next step may be or where it will lead. The uncertainty of life feels so overwhelming at times because what you believe and what you see are often different rather than cohesive. It feels at times that no one is listening, that no one is trying to understand the big picture, that no one can even feel a glimpse of hope. We are here to tell you that through all of this uncertainty there really is a lot of certainty. We know for sure that for those of you on the planet now, we can see without a shadow of doubt that after the dust settles and air clears again, that the future is bright, bold, abundant, and full of hopes and dreams and desires and love for humanity.

We want you all to take in deep breathes and realize that in the aftermath of such difficult times is when humanity as a whole steps in and holds each other up, rather than tearing each other down. It is through the eyes of hope and love and helping one another as you all stand together realizing that times are uncertain and full of fear, but in that feeling of despair and helplessness there is a glimmer of hope. Keep seeing the hope. Keep seeing the best in others, keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open to reaching down when someone is needing a lift up and bringing them back to the feeling of hope, back to feeling they can make it another day. And then when that day passes, they can see that they can be a light for someone else that is feeling distraught, lonely, or lifeless. People really do care about one another, especially in these times of need and despair. You can be a part of the lifting of those that cannot see a glimmer of light, bringing them to that place where they too can get a glimpse of what you are seeing. Be the one that can assist someone in writing a new chapter in their book of life. Be the one that when you see someone that is in pain, you can give them a lift of spirits by reaching out to them and letting them know that you are there for them, even if it is only with a smile, a hug, a kind word. Try not to allow others to bring you down into their hopelessness. You be the one to give them a bit of hope. Let them know that even though there are so many on the planet now in similar circumstances, with the power of love, the power of hope, the power of being together, you can all stand as one and lift each other up, one person at a time. Be aware of your own light and love, and continue to share the hope, share the times in your life where you have been afraid or alone or in despair, but took a minute, an hour, a day, a week at a time and allowed yourself to be filled once again with hope, love, and being genuine and thoughtful and caring for humankind. You can all make a difference by reaching out to your fellow human beings on the planet and rediscovering that you are all connected by the breathe of life. Breathe in, breathe out, be at peace, be at one with who you are and see what with kindness and love we can do for each other.

An Invitation

Peace to all beings.

Come to where we are and you will feel the lightness and beauty of each unfolding day. Allow yourself to be free from worry, doubt, fear, hate, unsettledness, and open yourself to the flow of energy that is us/you. For you see, we are not separate from you, although you have allowed yourself to be separate from us.

The connection you feel when you are driving in your car and all the red lights magically turn to green, or when you pull into a very crowded parking lot and someone is pulling out right where you want to park, that is us. When you are walking outside and taking time to breathe in the fresh air and feel the earth upon your feet, there we are. When you felt that gentle brush of air caress your face. that was us asking you to take time to enjoy that particular moment. That moment in time was you aligning with that which we call All That Is.

When you find kindness in each individual that you encounter, yes, even when they cut you off in traffic or you are stuck behind an accident and you really need to get to a meeting, that is us saying, now is a really good time to come to where we are. Take the time in this experience to enjoy being in the car. Look around you at the other drivers and smile and let them know you are connected to the divine in you and in them. You and everyone that you come into contact with throughout your day can make choices. You can choose to be kind and courteous and playful, or you can choose to be irritable, irrational, and even irate but you always have the choice.

What will you choose for yourself today? Will you choose to allow us all to be connected in the divine Father/Mother/God of All That Is? Or will you choose to feel disconnected to your soul self? Life is full of these choices that you have throughout your entire day. Make a mental note of how and why you choose to do what you do. Kindness and love will always win over even the most irritable people you may encounter. You have really no idea what they may be dealing with in their own lives, and you really don’t want to make that kind of judgment on anyone. For when you judge them, you are judging yourself and you are bringing into your experience just want you were trying to avoid.

Life is full of wonderful opportunities to engage with people, events, challenges, highs, lows and everything in between. Be gentle with yourselves and know that whatever choice you make today will also affect others, because in the divine scheme of life we are all indeed connected. Choose to be connected to your divine loving beautiful self today and see what life gives back to you.

How much energy will it take to be kind and how much energy does it take to be unkind? You will be surprised to know that it takes much more energy to be unkind than it does to be kind. You are all on the planet at this time in your life to be at one with the beauty of your soul self. Yes, life can be challenging at times, and have heartache, and things will happen that you will say, how am I to see the beauty in this? That is the time in which we want you to take a breath in and exhale and look around and be at one with self and gently say to yourself, This is just a mere second in the bigger scheme of my life. How do I want to choose to respond to this circumstance? Will it be with love and gentleness and peace and awareness of All That Is?

It may be or it may not be, but we will not judge your response to it, and we do not want you to judge yourselves for the way you may react to circumstances, people, etc. Life is not for judgment of others, but acceptance of others for where they are is where they are, and it may not be where you are, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is where you are. And if you are choosing to be connected to your divine loving natural state of well-being and acceptance of self. By recalling the divine in you, you will see the divine in others, yes even those who can’t see it in themselves.

We give to you today this moment in time to align with the All That Is and know that we are all indeed in this together. We are sending to you today the gift of a new day, a new beginning, a new awareness. Choose to connect to that divine natural loving self the you are!

Blessings to all, and know that we are indeed all one.

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