Orion’s Mother’s Day Message

As Leslie is meditating and tuning into the sounds of Mother Nature, she is inspired by us to write the following message:

Good morning dear ones,

It is with great pleasure that we want you all to know that as you tune yourselves into your inner being, your source of love and peace, it is much the same as you taping into that which you know as a mother’s love and nurturing. For some of you that may not have happened in a way in which you felt the outer nurturing from a mother, but we want you all to know that the inner nurturing was always available to you. You may not have realized it as you were growing up and experiencing life, and at times life might have seemed void of any love and understanding from adults. It was because of this that many of you found a way to get into that inner space where you could feel it, touch it, smell it and believe it to be so.

The outer validation that everyone desires, the wonderful little touch of someone who says, I am here, I love you, I believe in, I understand you, can seem so far distant from your own reality. But know and understand that you all come into the world with it ever present. It is your connection to that inner being that may at times become disconnected through the living of life, but we assure you it is always in you. Tap into this inner wisdom, this inner love, understanding, and peace.

It is our wish to you all today, to access your own inner wisdom, your inner nurturing and reach out to someone that you see who may be in need of a little love today. It may even be yourself that needs that kind word, that gentle touch, that inner knowing that all really is well in your world when you are able to hear the inner “mother” with the sweet smile, gentle kiss, tender touch. Yes, you can also do this for yourself.

Life can feel so void of love at times, which is why it is even more important for you all to take time to nurture yourselves with loving kindness. Smile today, not only for yourself, but for someone that can’t seem to get a sense of love and life. Your inner self is always sending love and light and joy and kindness to you. It only seems missing when you have disconnected from it.

Find your joy today in any way that you possibly can and spread the love to one another.

Life is for you. Connect to life. Connect to love. Connect to joy!

We are sending our love to you and to the planet. As it is in us, it is in you!

Be at peace dear ones.

Spirit Speaks About Spring

This beautiful and uplifting offering begins with Leslie and Ken reading from a channeled message received from Spirit through automatic writing on the Divine Nonchalance inherent in both the blossoming of a flower and the miracle of the human body. Orion then continues with his reminder that spring is the perfect time to explore possibility and begin anew.

Spring, Divine Nonchalance, and New Possibilities

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Orion Speaks About Freedom And Being Authentic

Please enjoy this latest message from Orion presented on February 25th at our gathering in West Palm Beach, Florida. Orion reminds us to live and express In-Joy, from the inside out, the home of our True Self.


Download (opposite click to save file): Authenticity and Freedom

Listen to and/or download more free audio messages from Orion here

The Charmed Life and Orion

While re-reading sections of The Further Adventures of Oversoul Seven, Book Two of the metaphysical trilogy by Jane Roberts, Ken and I were struck again by the section called “The Charmed Life.” This mp3 includes me reading “The Charmed Life,” Ken reading another section “On Methods,” and Orion offering their input and perspective afterwards.

The Charmed Life and Orion

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In Joy!