About Leslie


Photograph: Vickie Rogers

Leslie has been studying and living metaphysics for over thirty years.

She has assisted her life partner Ken Routson—author, workshop presenter, life coach, and management consultant—conducting workshops nationwide for twenty-five years.

Leslie has been inspired by Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, the teachings of Seth channeled by Jane Robers, and has been influenced immensely by her interactions with spirit teachers Abraham, Amel, and Teach. Furthermore, Leslie has worked and stud­ied in the medical field, including experience with Body Talk.

Many years ago before she started to channel, she was aware of her healing abili­ties. She would discover herself outside of her body at night visiting those who requested her assistance. Preceding her channeling, she began automatic writing; after six months she started to channel Orion.

Leslie is president of Tulip Press Publishing Co. She has been involved with Individual Growth & Fulfillment, a semi­nar and consulting company for twenty-two years.


About Orion

Orion is a non-physical collective consciousness that speaks through Leslie Stewart. Instead of focusing on predictions, Orion instructs us on how we can create the life of our choice. Although Orion can provide us with future probabilities, they also give us insight on how our current beliefs and feelings have attracted past events.

And more importantly, Orion provides us with tools and inspiration that enable clients to transform their consciousness. By assisting us in understanding the law of attraction, they help us to raise our vibration—thus allowing us to attract more favorable events and experiences into our lives. Their tutelage can help to enhance our awareness and growth, and assist us in understanding the multidimensional beings that we are and reclaiming our authentic power.

In addition, the remind us that we are eternally connected to God or Source, and that prosperity, abundance, health, and joy are our rightful inheritance.  Orion is similar to the collective conscious­nesses known as Seth, and Abraham.

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