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Orion has taught me how to maintain my natural state of wellness and well-being. Orion has also helped me and others dismiss a lot of the fears surrounding 2012 and given me hope to be extremely optimistic about the future.  —Linda W., Cincinnati, OH

Orion is a very loving and wise source of information for anyone who wants to master the vibrational nature of their life.  Orion helped me work through many difficult issues in a way that always leads me back to discovering more of my own power.

If you can imagine picking up the phone and asking God a question; that’s what it’s like to talk to Orion.  —Grant E., Charlotte, NC

Orion, through Leslie, has brought clarity to life’s tough issues and given me tools that have improved my relationships, career and overall sense of well-being!  I’ve received life changing guidance and learning for which I will be eternally thankful!
—Jandie L., Cincinnati, OH

Thank you so very much for making yourselves and company available to me! The conversation with Orion was fabulous. The absolute right words at the right time. I’ve been much more connected to myself since then. The recording is extremely helpful and clear. Thanks again Leslie for your clear channeling. I love you all!  —Claire, Charlotte, NC

Ken and Leslie,

Thank you for talking with me.  It was a really good experience.  Talking with Orion and the two of you gave me a big boost of confidence.  I got really strong vibrations from the both of you telling me that now is the time for me to write.  I am excited about starting my new venture.  —Josephine, Upper Marlboro, MD

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