4 thoughts on “Orion On Bliss

  1. Beth Hart

    Really enjoyed the piece on Expressing yourself! What hit home the most for me was the explanation of why people are not able to express themselves… They don’t feel good enough, or worthy. Also, what I found personally the most valuable was when Orion spoke of tending to your own bliss first. Many, like myself try to tend to others before themselves, only to come out empty handed, and unfulfilled with even a bigger void (as Orion put it)….ouch! I will listen to this over and over until it sinks in thoroughly…. Such valuable insight! Thank You Leslie💕

  2. Yes indeed. A great reminder on bliss
    And on self expression.
    Simple yet profound.
    Gentle yet powerful.
    Thanks Orion-The sweetest of the sweet – I needed to hear that.
    What a beautiful thing it is when we expresses our SELVES freely.!!!

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