Orion on Taking Care of Self

[In this offering, Ken shares guidance he received from Spirit about talking care of self.]

Dearest Ken, we are here to assist in any way that we can.

As you know the world, energetically speaking, is moving at a very fast pace. You are always encouraging others to do what they believe is best for them and you always want the very best for everyone else. Have you been doing the same for yourself? We want you to take the time to relax, breathe in the very essence of who you are and what you want for yourself. Yes, we know you have been trying to promote yourself and others as of late for workshops etc., however, you must also do the same for you. Self-promotion of health, wellness and wellbeing to the core of who you are.

What you are feeling in the chest and in your mind’s eye is the movement from sickness to wellness, in that you are moving your consciousness into the place of wellbeing. In this lifetime you have always been looking for something outside of yourself to do the healing or to fix the problem, but in reality, and what you are wanting to integrate into your book, is how do I change my mindset from what is so practiced in my life to that which I know to be true. What you know for sure as you tap into the core of who you are, that person who has studied and teaches and listens to material from all the teachers. It is your inner guidance that you must trust, and believe in self-awareness, self-healing, self-care.

Step out of that old belief of having to take care of others and leaving yourself out of the equation. Who you are is this masterful person who can teach others to believe in who they are and in what they want for themselves. Are you really doing this for you? Or are you doing this to see the growth in others? What we want to see is the benefits of helping yourself. It is okay to be selfish with one’s self. This is what we have been saying to you for a while now. You are putting pieces of the tapestry of life together for business, others, and now it is time for self-care.

Ask yourself What do I see myself doing for the next span of time? How do I want to live my life?  Do I really see myself flourishing in the manner in which I see for others? Am I taking time to develop my own health and wellness program? The shifting and sorting of energies in this time space reality is and has been taking a toll on you, but it is certainly not irreversible. This is something that you always are second guessing about yourself. You think, I can teach this stuff, but I feel like I am not living this stuff. We have heard you say this not only to others, but to yourself. Are we right in that assumption? Be strong enough in your own conviction of who you truly are and believe that you do indeed have the power within you to transform yourself into a vibrant, healthy, energetic being. That is who you are at the core.

You have left that piece of the tapestry behind and now it is time, dear one, to recreate those feelings of freedom, joy, and complete fulfillment of who you are. Do you remember those feeling of joy and bliss and wonderment that you had when you felt so strong, and trusted that what you were teaching was indeed how you wanted your life to be as well. You are indeed the creator of your reality. This is something that you have known for a very long time and that is what originally drew you to the Seth material. You knew that you wanted a different lifestyle, you wanted to be healthy, wealthy, to create a life of what your dreams were and continue to be.   You must indeed believe that wellness is the rule and not the exception, when you really get out of your own way. You must indeed take time to breathe deeply and fully and stretch not only those intellectual muscles, but the physical muscles. You have said this over and over — next life time I am going to be more physical. Do not allow what you believe to be limiting you from being this way now to hold you back. You have seen people turn their lives around, but you must turn these ideas and motions into overt action. Do you understand what we are saying? You have felt the limitations of what those “old” tapes in your head have dictated to you, but you know without a shadow of doubt that you are the one and the only one that can and will be able to direct that energy into the you are wanting. You know that you are tapped into infinite intelligence and that is a very powerful place to be. Feel the power in the knowing of that.

Feel the power of who you are. What you want is really well within your reach, but you have to let go of those old limiting beliefs around health. They no longer serve who you are now. You are powerful, whole, healthy, and vibrant and we see this in you and now you must indeed see this in yourself. We are happy to assist in any way that we possibly can.

Be at peace and know that you are divinely guided and directed to that which is you.

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